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Consulting Partners

DocPad also has several partners whom provide consulting and support services for DocPad.

Bevry are the creators of DocPad and are available for advisory, training, sponsorship, and prioritized development.

Almero is a digital marketing agency based in Bulgaria, specializing in providing services that seamlessly incorporate market analysis, user insights, strategic and tactical brand development, graphic design, web design, advertising and video production.

Almero has experience building corporate sites with DocPad, and use DocPad almost exclusively for their web projects.

We are designers, software engineers, and storytellers, creating beautiful products and building brands.

Based out of Boston, MA & Washington, DC, we build web & mobile-web applications using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Ember.js. We provide services and support for many tech solutions, including our favorite static website generator: DocPad.

Myplanet is a digital product development company based out of Toronto, Canada. They funded the development of DocPad’s importer functionality.

They value building the right product, fast. Working with their clients, Myplanet Digital brings startup thinking to enterprise.

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