If you are upgrading from one major version to another (e.g. DocPad v5 to DocPad v6), be sure to checkout our Upgrade Guide for information relating to backwards compatibility breaks.

  1. Update npm and install DocPad

     npm install -g npm
     npm install -g docpad@latest

    Note: If you encounter permission errors with the above, do not use sudo, in our experience using sudo with node only creates further issues (regardless of DocPad). Follow our Step 1 instructions for a way to install Node with permissions that never require the use of sudo.

    You can verify DocPad has installed correctly by using docpad -V to output DocPad's version number.

  2. When upgrading: in addition to the above, run docpad update inside your project directory to ensure that your local installation of DocPad and its plugins are updated to their latest compatible versions.

If you get any errors, try running DocPad anyway (most installation errors are non fatal and just for debugging purposes). If you do get a fatal error then refer to our Troubleshooting Guide as there's probably already a working solution. :-)

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