Command Line Interface

  • To discover what commands are available:

    docpad --help
  • To create your website (if it doesn't already exist), watch for changes, and start the webserver, use:

    docpad run
  • To just generate your website from one of the existing skeletons, use:

    docpad scaffold
  • To just generate your compiled website, use:

    docpad generate
  • To just watch your website for changes and re-generate whenever a change is made, use:

    docpad watch
  • To just run the DocPad server to access your already generated website, use:

    docpad server
  • To render standalone files with DocPad programmatically (will output to stdout)

    docpad render filePath

    For example, to render a markdown file and save the result to an output file, we would use:

    docpad render > outputMarkdownFile.html
  • To render stdin with DocPad programmatically (will output to stdout)

    echo $content | docpad render sampleFileNameWithExtensions

    For example, to render passed markdown content and save the result to a file, we would use:

    echo "**awesome**" | docpad render > output.html

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