Here's a list of all available DocPad plugins. If you've created a plugin, be sure to include it in this listing! :)


To install a plugin, run docpad install #{thePluginName} inside your project directory. As an example, to install the eco plugin, you would run docpad install eco
To uninstall a plugin, run docpad uninstall #{thePluginName} inside your project directory.
In older versions of DocPad, you would run npm install --save docpad-plugin-#{thePluginName} to install, and npm uninstall --save docpad-plugin-#{thePluginName} to uninstall.

Plugin Listing

Complete listings of DocPad plugins can be found at:
Below is a curated listing of plugins.


These are plugins that add support for extra markups and languages to DocPad:

Writing Markups

Data Markups

    cson - Supports CSON to JSON .json.cson
    yaml - Supports YAML to JSON .json.(yaml|yml) and JSON to YAML .(yml|yaml).json

CSS Pre-Processors

Javascript Pre-Processors

HTML Pre-Processors

CoffeeScript Templating Engines
HAML-Like Templating Engines
    haml - Supports Haml to anything .anything.haml
    jade - Supports Jade to anything .anything.jade
    html2jade - Supports HTML to Jade .jade.html
Moustache Templating Engines
Other Templating Engines


    cmds - Adds some shell scripting fun. Supports .anything.bash||.anything.ps1|.anything.cmd
    php - Supports PHP to anything .anything.(php|phtml)
    ruby - Supports Ruby and ERuby to anything .anything.(ruby|erb)


These are plugins that add extra functionality to DocPad:
    addthis - Adds the AddThis toolbar into your project
    assets - Change URL of asset files to contain hash of contents, allowing for effective caching whilst enabling cache busting when contents change
    associatedfiles - Lets you easily associate files to a particular document, and then grab the collection for them
    authentication - Handles authentication and login functionality via social login (ie google, facebook, twitter or github) for your docpad application. Protects pages from unauthenticated users.
    basicauth - Adds basic authentication to your project
    browserifybundles - Add configuration to your DocPad configuration file to create browserify bundles of your scripts
    browserifydocs - Browserify your documents by adding browserify: true to their meta data
    buildr - Supports bundling scripts and styles (including pre-processors like CoffeeScript, LESS, etc.) using Buildr
    cachr - Allows you to cache remote URLs locally from within your templates
    cleancss - Concatinate and minify CSS files with the cleancss: true meta data
    cleanurls - Adds support for URLs like /blog/hello as well as the original URL /blog/hello.html
    coffeelint - Prints coffeelint errors to the console
    csv - Adds support for CSV data mapping. The comma seperated data files work just like a database, map from column 1 to column 2
    datefromfilename - Automaticaly set the date meta-data property by determining it from the document's filename
    dateurls - Adds support for date-based URLs like /2013/04/27/hello.html
    facebookcomments - Adds the Facebook Comment Widget to your project
    feedr - Allows you to render remote feeds within your templates
    frontend - CSS and JavaScript asset manager and compiler for DocPad
    functions - Start functions between DocPad events
    gist - Pulls in gists into your document
    grunt - Run Grunt.js tasks when building with DocPad
    heapdumper - Generates a heapdump snapshot for chosen DocPad event(s), viewable in the Chrome profiler
    highlightjs - Adds Highlight.js syntax highlighting to code snippets
    ignoreincludes - Avoid writing include files to the /out directory
    jsexc - Adds the ability to apply AOT compilation to JavaScript files
    jshint - Prints JSHint errors to the console
    jsonfragment - Writes each documents content without layout and its meta data into a separate .json file for quick loading via AJAX.
    livereload - Automatically reloads the page whenever a regeneration is performed
    lunr - Client-side full-text and faceted search using Lunr.js
    menu - Automatically generates menu from /render folder
    moment - Date formatting and access to Moment.js library
    nativecomments - Adds support for native comments to DocPad
    navlinks - Adds the ability to generate a navigation bar for documents with links to the next and previous document of a specified collection.
    paged - Adds multiple page support to documents allowing you to render one document out to many pages
    partials - Adds the ability to create re-usable partials for your templates within DocPad
    pygments - Adds Pygments syntax highlighting to code snippets
    raw - Copies all files in the /raw directory to /out without going through DocPad's generation process. Useful for files that cause out of memory/speed issues when placed in /static directory.
    copy - Alternative to raw pluging with performace optimizations. Copies all files in the /raw directory to /out without going through DocPad's generation process. Useful for files that cause out of memory/speed issues when placed in /static directory.
    react - Renders markup for React Components
    redirector - Creats redirects (301 or meta-refresh) via configuration.
    related - Scans your documents tags: 'tag1', 'tag2' metadata to produce a listing of related documents
    rss - Generates an RSS feed for a configurable collection
    scheduling - Schedules content so that it is not rendered out before the date specified in the content's meta-data.
    schema - Adds support for JSON schema in DocPad collections
    services - Adds support for many 3rd party services to DocPad
    shortcodes - Adds various Wordpress style shortcodes (e.g., [video id="123"]) to simplify template writing.
    sitemap - Generates a sitemap.xml file for your site from the html documents collection
    tableofcontents - Automatically generate table of contents
    text - Render templateData properties without needing template engine, useful for abstraction in configuration files
    thumbnails - Manages thumbnail generation of your image files
    imagin - Alternative to thumbails plugin with support for raw and copy plugins for performance optimization. Manages thumbnail generation of your image files.
    tinylivereload - A LiveReload plugin that doesn't alter your HTML. Works with the Chrome/Firefox LiveReload extensions.
    uglify - Compress and minify JavaScript files with the uglify: true meta data
    umd - Wrap specified JavaScript documents in the Universal Module Definition (UMD) allowing them to run in AMD, Require.js, CommonJS/Node.js and Vanilla environments automatically
    sanitizer - A helper for HTML string sanitization based on Google Caja


These are plugins that make deploying to particular services even easier:
    ghpages - Deploy to GitHub Pages as easy as docpad deploy-ghpages
    sunny - Uploads site to cloud (AWS, Google Storage) after generation

Admin Interfaces

DocPad Admin Interfaces were deprecated in DocPad v6.81
DocPad's plan from the very beginning has been to be interface agnostic. This means that we will be able to utilise existing interfaces, customer interfaces, and decoupled interfaces. Allowing us to always utilise the best experiences for everyone involved.

Existing Interfaces

DocPad's plugin/extension infrastructure supports existing coupled interfaces by importing their data directly into the DocPad Database. So if you love using Tumblr, WordPress, Medium, MongoDB, or GitHub repos for your content, you don't have to give them up. Just install the importer plugin for them, and DocPad will import the data from that service into the DocPad database for rendering.

Custom Interfaces

DocPad's plugin/extension infrastructure supports custom Admin Interfaces tightly coupled to the DocPad experience. So far we have the following extensions that add Admin Interfaces to DocPad:

Decoupled Interfaces

DocPad's plugin/extension infrastructure supports existing decoupled interfaces by providing plugin/extension adapters to the interface allowing the interface to interact directly with the DocPad Database, or theoretically any backend providing an interface was made for it. So far we have the following extensions that add Decoupled Interfaces to DocPad:


These are miscellaneous things that you can do with DocPad:

Create Your Own!

It's easy to write plugin for DocPad. Get started now on our Write a Plugin Page!
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